Social Media Break

Yesterday, I deactivated Facebook temporarily and, today, I temporarily deactivated Instagram. I’ve also deleted (permanently), These communication/social media platforms combined equal to ~10,000 followers (give or take 100 or 200). But I don’t know many of these people on a personal level. And that feels a little weird to me.

I love a lot of things about social media; I love that it can connect those who may not know each other (or of each other’s work, etc.) otherwise, I love it to keep in contact with those we may not see very often, and for a lot of other reasons. But, I also think it’s turned into a bit of a monster in some ways and that it can take over in more ways than it likely should.

Do you wanna know what I really love? I really love being more consistently present to my immediate environment; I really love existing in the real world a little more; I love taking care of my “introversion” and needs for decompression by journaling more, by doing more artistic practices, or other ways recharging in ways that I really feel and love. I love being more productive in the ways that mean most to me. Social media intrudes on this a bit (or a lot sometimes :)).

Right now, I don’t want to be hanging around on social media, wasting time, missing real recharging opportunities, self and other connecting time, and opportunities for those incredible periods of inspiration, insight, and synchronicity that can come to us when we’re really present.

The thought is to have a 30-day break, just to have some distance from most of “the virtual world”, to re-evaluate my relationship with these things, to be more present to my immediate environment, and to be more productive in the ways that matter most to me.

Here we go. 🙂

Thank you for reading.


Mynx Browbar and Ground Up Café

Recently, my friend Nicole Storey asked me to be a model/test subject for her Micro-blading certification. I said yes because I trust her and know how hard-working and conscientious she is. I knew that whatever she was getting into, it would be quality work and would be something awesome. And it definitely was.

I had no idea what micro-blading was but am more than happy that I did trust her and started doing this with her.

On the left is the before and after of our first session. On the right is the touch up and re-shaping completed just this week. If you’re local and would like to try this out, I definitely recommend her (and not just because she is my friend). She will talk to you about what you want, draw an outline of the shape you’re looking for, and check in with you during the procedure to see how you’re doing.

If this is something you’re interested in, here is the facebook page to connect: Mynx Brow Bar and The Instagram Handle: @mynxbrowbar.

Ground Up Café:

This is another local business I am loving supporting and spending time at from time to time. I like to have quiet time to myself at coffee shops and to meet people at occasionally. Also, since last year (late summer/early fall) I started slowly transitioning to Vegan/Vegetarian eating. While I don’t like to label things, because there are certain occasions I will eat meat (a special meal a client has prepared and is proud of, supporting an individual’s cultural diversity and sharing, some family occasions) my choice is to eat to support the environment and animals.

I hope to add another post about this and personal choices surrounding this in the future but, in the meantime, if you would like to support a local business doing great things in the world with their Plant based, organic, eco-conscious options (and if you’re from London, Ontario), The Ground Up Café is a really great one to support.: Facebook page and Instagram handle: @grounduporganiccafe .


Tonight I stopped there before my regular therapy appointment in the area to do some work, have some downtime, and organize thoughts.

I believe, if we are to take care of others in the world, we have to take care of ourselves and, a huge part of that, is trusting others enough to be there for us. I love the work my therapist does and love having her there to talk to.

If you’re looking for someone to be there for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out or think you’re a “weirdo” for wanting to have an objective and qualified presence. The stigma surrounding seeking help is really bothersome. We all need support, sometimes or often, and often just to have a consistent presence and objective party is absolutely incredible, whether for a specific challenge or everyday life stuff. A great resource to find someone in your area is here: Psychology today

I hope you’re doing well and thank you for reading!


But what will they think….


It’s so funny how much time and energy we can waste trapped by our own fears about what other people may think of us, our decisions, or changes (or a perceived lack of change).

I feel, most often, what people think of us has very little to do with us. And, often, their interpretations of what they see in us says very much about how they see the world, various situations, and perhaps themselves (or they might be throwing their disowned stuff onto us).

I think we need to be very mindful of whether or not we are doing this to others, too.

If we’re judged harshly or feel misunderstood, it can be really bothersome. We may want to change a person’s perception of us very much, especially if we want to be liked or to have our truth seen.

If you’ve been in the position of trying to win the respect of those seemingly determined to misunderstand you, you know how disheartening and exhausting this can be; I know I do.

Also, realizing judgments likely don’t have a lot to do with us doesn’t take us off the hook from owning our own mistakes, and the parts we play in various situations. But it can allow us and others the freedom and the space to go on about our lives and to take ownership for our own decisions and self-worth. Even at the risk of not pleasing everyone (which we can’t do, anyway).

Don’t let the thoughts, words, or judgments of others run your life. And let’s try not to do this to others. We miss out on so many really amazing gifts, and the uniqueness people have to offer when opinions and judgments block us and take over.

This is your life, no one path is right for all of us, and what matters most is how we see ourselves and what makes us happy as individuals.

Do your thing and let other people do their thing, in their own way. Let’s let ourselves be human.

Thank you for reading.


St. Leonard’s Community Services

After a few months in this new role, I wanted to share this here. Late fall of this past year, I made a decision to resign my former position/contract in eating disorders (amicably and for my own personal reasons), took a break for myself, and then started working with St. Leonard’s Community Services in London, Ontario (after finding the position posted on, applying, interviewing, etc.). We work with individuals with various needs involved in the Criminal Justice System or at risk of it.


I know I can be overly positive in my views of new things at times, lol, but, even despite that tendency, I love it so much. I’ve never felt more strongly that I belong in a position and agency.
I’m working as a relief worker right now until a full time spot comes available, at Spartan (which I’ll always want to keep up here and there), and still with some online health and lifestyle clients as a side.
When a full time spot opens, I am absolutely putting in for it while keeping up a small roster of fitness and health clients.
I was excited to share. Thank you for reading.
Here is the web-site if you’d like to learn about some of the community programs:

It’s okay to miss people you no longer want in your life…

I came across this picture quote this morning on a friend’s Instagram and loved it.


I don’t think there has to be resentment or harsh thoughts when we depart, but we can accept that we may not be good for everyone in a certain role (for perhaps longer than a point in time) and, although it may be very difficult, we can also accept that not all people may be good for us for longer than a particular duration, either.

We can miss people, want the best for them, regardless of how things may have turned out, and still go our separate ways. ❤️