Mynx Brow Bar becomes Mynx Beauty Bar 💗

20626336_471672406549446_4150308703056757555_oI had never had lash extensions before, but when Nicole Storey was expanding Mynx Brow Bar to Mynx Beauty Bar and wanted lash extension test subjects to complete her certification, I wanted to try it out.

She’s amazing.

Mine were minor as I wanted a natural change, and she can do natural to dramatic.

If you’re local, check out her brand new site: Mynx Beauty Bar:

2017-08-05-08-34-51-050Before and afters: Different lighting and the second clearly has make up added where the first does not (second includes foundation and eyeliner and is lit by the living room window at home. The first is no make up, with none of Nicole’s work, and with the lighting of the dashboard of the car). Regardless, I hope you can see her work on both eye brows and eyelashes.

Check out her site to connect with her and for more info.

Love, love Nicole and everything she’s doing!

Consent Videos

Here are two really amazing videos as shared by Aura Burditt of the London Anti-Human Trafficking Committee:

The first one is “Consent for Kids.” This is a really cool and short video, highlighting what this means and directed toward the important little people in our world:
Click here for that: Consent For Kids Video

This next one is directed toward adults:
Tea Consent Video

While the concepts may be obvious to some of us, they aren’t to everyone. And definitely not to the children we are here to protect and teach. I definitely recommend checking them out and sharing with any children, parents or other adults you feel may possibly benefit.


Full-time Role at SLCS Women’s Facility:)

Last week I had an interview for a full-time, benefited position with St. Leonard’s Community Services (where I began working late Winter) in the Women’s Facility: Maison Louise Arbour (MLA).

Well…I got it!! 🙂

Out of the four facilities with SLCS I’ve been covering shifts at, this has been my favourite. I’ve liked jobs, but have never felt more comfortable in a role or as happy to be there as I feel at MLA.

Here is some more info about MLA:

“The centre, named for former Chief Justice Madame Louise Arbour, is an eight bed, twenty-four hour facility that offers a safe home for women involved in the justice system who are challenged by mental health, substance abuse, and related concerns. This multi-level service had been previously non-existent for women. The women are federal, forensic, probation and mental health short-term bed residents and has the ability to provide for women and their children. We offer support, case and crisis management, planning and assistance to develop realistic discharge and achievable goals by using women’s strengths as guides. Our residential counselors (Justice and Reintegration Workers) offer one-to-one counseling, a structured environment, medication compliance, crisis planning, education in substance abuse, educational/vocational networks, relapse prevention programming, and life skills.”

A picture from one of our wicked-awesome Stress Reduction, Fun Arts and Crafts nights.

Our positions are called “Justice Workers.” The center is staffed by Justice Workers 24-7. I will be working day time shifts (switching between morning and afternoon starts). This is very exciting to me.

We have a really amazing team, serve incredible women from all sorts of backgrounds and needing and wanting a wide variety of supports and community connections.

This full-time role starts on August 1st. In the meantime, I continue my part-time/relief position in the four residential facilities.

If you’re interested in more of what St. Leonard’s offers, check out the site: St. Leonard’s Community Services:

I’ll share more in the future, if you’re interested in that.

Thank you for reading and Happy Canada Day!