One Year Alcohol Free Begins


Not always but often I think this statement could be very true (and friendships, and self-esteem, and a whole lot more).
My experimental one year entirely alcohol free started yesterday.
While I don’t drink daily, sometimes I won’t drink for a week or two, but sometimes consuming 1-2 times a week and up to 4 times a week maximum is too much for what I value most, want to do with myself and for how I want to feel in general.
I also can make really stupid decisions after drinking (can’t we all). Here we go. 💗 (this little post, other social media outlets (FB and Instagram) and telling people close to me about this plan helps me feel held accountable. I may also blog about it a little more.)
Thank you for reading,

One thought on “One Year Alcohol Free Begins

  1. I made a similar decision several years ago Renee, as part of a commitment to myself to always have my best self available. It seems like such a minor thing, particularly if one considers themselves to be just a social drinker. This simple thing made a big difference for me though. I was, and am still amazed at the difference.

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