Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari is Amazing.

22780663_10154930606996190_4544553749171689396_n“We all know the script: it is etched onto your subconscious, like the correct direction to look when you cross the street. Treat drug users and addicts as criminals. Repress them. Shame them. Coerce them into stopping. This is the prevailing view in almost every country in the world…punishing and shaming drug users only makes them worse-and creates a blizzard of other problems for the society. I argued instead for a second strategy-legalize drugs stage by stage, and use the money we currently spend on punishing addicts to fund compassionate care instead.” Johann Hari from the book Chasing the Scream.

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read and, whatever your stance on drug use, addiction, legalization, criminalization, etc. you may find yourself challenged or possibly supported after reading the views and experiences of various individuals mentioned in this book along with the comparisons of countries who do legalize (Portugal) and those that punish. This book offers some really interesting looks into the lives of those who use, sell, work at the policy creation level, and how all individuals impact the other. Definitely recommended!


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