Mynx Beauty Bar Amazingness

I am so happy with my experiences with my amazing friend Nicole. When I first experienced Micro-blading, I had no idea what it even meant, lol.

Nicole asked me to be one of her individuals to work on for her certification (months back, she needed a certain amount of people to show “up to standard” before and afters to receive her certification).

I may not have known anything about micro-blading, but, I did (and do) know Nicole. I also know how conscientious and hardworking she is, and know that whatever she undertakes, it will be a great thing. And so I agreed; and LOVED it.

I have just now had my fourth experience with her for artistic cosmetic awesomeness and I couldn’t be happier with what we’ve done.

She has done 1) first micro-blading to finish her micro-blading certification 2) a touch up (which she includes with the first micro-blading appointment) 3) lashes to finish her lash certification (separate from micro-blading), and 4) a micro-blading reshape and total renewal for me.

Below is the pre-first visit to Mynx brow bar (with my minimal brows that just wouldn’t grow from going overboard in high school! (which, ahem, high school was only “a few” years ago for me :)) To after the brows her shaped and created the first time.

The eye lashes can be seen in a previous post if you’d like to scroll through! Those were amazing to experience, too. But I need most help with the brows.

Below is the brow shape we gradually worked up to. I likely would have just gone with this the first time, if I was braver, haha 🙂
I am so freaking happy with them! Thank you Nicole for your artistic genius amazingness. I am super happy with this and will absolutely be going back for fill-ins.

I don’t really know what areas any potential readers may be from, but if you’re reading this, are local (London, Ontario Canada or surrounding area), and are interested, check out her site: Mynx Beauty Bar and her facebook page: Mynx facebook page AND Instagram handle: Mynx Instagram

I don’t post things on here unless I believe in them and there is no kick back for me; I just really love what she’s done for me and others and, friend or not, would want to share as much as I could. So, if you want to check her work and services out, I definitely recommend it!

❤ You, Nicole.