Social Media Break

Yesterday, I deactivated Facebook temporarily and, today, I temporarily deactivated Instagram. I’ve also deleted (permanently), These communication/social media platforms combined equal to ~10,000 followers (give or take 100 or 200). But I don’t know many of these people on a personal level. And that feels a little weird to me.

I love a lot of things about social media; I love that it can connect those who may not know each other (or of each other’s work, etc.) otherwise, I love it to keep in contact with those we may not see very often, and for a lot of other reasons. But, I also think it’s turned into a bit of a monster in some ways and that it can take over in more ways than it likely should.

Do you wanna know what I really love? I really love being more consistently present to my immediate environment; I really love existing in the real world a little more; I love taking care of my “introversion” and needs for decompression by journaling more, by doing more artistic practices, or other ways recharging in ways that I really feel and love. I love being more productive in the ways that mean most to me. Social media intrudes on this a bit (or a lot sometimes :)).

Right now, I don’t want to be hanging around on social media, wasting time, missing real recharging opportunities, self and other connecting time, and opportunities for those incredible periods of inspiration, insight, and synchronicity that can come to us when we’re really present.

The thought is to have a 30-day break, just to have some distance from most of “the virtual world”, to re-evaluate my relationship with these things, to be more present to my immediate environment, and to be more productive in the ways that matter most to me.

Here we go. 🙂

Thank you for reading.