But what will they think….


It’s so funny how much time and energy we can waste trapped by our own fears about what other people may think of us, our decisions, or changes (or a perceived lack of change).

I feel, most often, what people think of us has very little to do with us. And, often, their interpretations of what they see in us says very much about how they see the world, various situations, and perhaps themselves (or they might be throwing their disowned stuff onto us).

I think we need to be very mindful of whether or not we are doing this to others, too.

If we’re judged harshly or feel misunderstood, it can be really bothersome. We may want to change a person’s perception of us very much, especially if we want to be liked or to have our truth seen.

If you’ve been in the position of trying to win the respect of those seemingly determined to misunderstand you, you know how disheartening and exhausting this can be; I know I do.

Also, realizing judgments likely don’t have a lot to do with us doesn’t take us off the hook from owning our own mistakes, and the parts we play in various situations. But it can allow us and others the freedom and the space to go on about our lives and to take ownership for our own decisions and self-worth. Even at the risk of not pleasing everyone (which we can’t do, anyway).

Don’t let the thoughts, words, or judgments of others run your life. And let’s try not to do this to others. We miss out on so many really amazing gifts, and the uniqueness people have to offer when opinions and judgments block us and take over.

This is your life, no one path is right for all of us, and what matters most is how we see ourselves and what makes us happy as individuals.

Do your thing and let other people do their thing, in their own way. Let’s let ourselves be human.

Thank you for reading.



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