St. Leonard’s Community Services

After a few months in this new role, I wanted to share this here. Late fall of this past year, I made a decision to resign my former position/contract in eating disorders (amicably and for my own personal reasons), took a break for myself, and then started working with St. Leonard’s Community Services in London, Ontario (after finding the position posted on, applying, interviewing, etc.). We work with individuals with various needs involved in the Criminal Justice System or at risk of it.


I know I can be overly positive in my views of new things at times, lol, but, even despite that tendency, I love it so much. I’ve never felt more strongly that I belong in a position and agency.
I’m working as a relief worker right now until a full time spot comes available, at Spartan (which I’ll always want to keep up here and there), and still with some online health and lifestyle clients as a side.
When a full time spot opens, I am absolutely putting in for it while keeping up a small roster of fitness and health clients.
I was excited to share. Thank you for reading.
Here is the web-site if you’d like to learn about some of the community programs:

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