A super Helpful Idea for Consistency Continued

Hi there,

Here is a follow up with a breakdown of weekly goals from Thursday’s Post where I talked about this new, simple system from Nate Green‘s Idea he called “My Stupid-Simple System I use to Stay Consistent- With Anything.”

(and like the daily list, they are all open to change and playing around with. Also, with Precision Nutrition’s Level 2 starting Monday :), I will have to get a feel for that and then make adjustments where I’ll need and want to).

Here is Thursday’s post: A Super Helpful Idea for Consistency

There is the picture of the cue-cards from Thursday, too.

It’s been really fun to try out.

1) Blog post: A weekly post (1 or more) is fun for me and achievable most weeks (and maybe all when I time, plan well, and am organized. We’ll see :)). I love doing it and having this as a part of an accountability system feels awesome to me.

2) Colour for 30 minutes: Sometimes this is done at work with clients and will still count as an “x.” This first started for me (as an adult) in 2012 when I was a volunteer at My Sisters’ Place. The women would ask for colouring pages and, as the front desk greeter/receptionist, I would photocopy them. It got me curious and, after asking the women why they liked it, reading a little about it, and then trying it, I fell in love, lol.

Here are some that were completed at home, but they didn’t start off that detailed (and they likely don’t ever have to be to potentially be experienced as enjoyable, fun, and beneficial).

It seems to be everywhere now and the benefits seem to be more widely known. My favourites to colour are mandalas and other patterned pictures, like those above, and there are various options and many kinds to choose from.

Some benefits: can help activate both analytical and creative parts of the brain, can help calm and focus the mind, can help relieve stress, can help with fine motor skills and coordination, and more. Here is a really cool Huffington post article with more some interesting info: 7 Reasons Adult Colouring Books are good for your Mental, Emotional, and Intellectual Health.

3) Paint for 30 minutes: (This could be more some weeks, depending on what’s going on with 30 being a rough idea.) This is a fun, quiet focus time and creative outlet. I’m not very well practiced, at this point, but enjoy it and reading about different techniques and trying them out is really fun.

(Side note (kind of):If you’re interested in being creative and connected with others (and you don’t have to know how to paint to take part) a really cool concept is a “Paint Nite.”  The popularity with various groups and people seems to be growing a lot and, not too long ago, I went to one. It was a fun way to be creative and connected with others at the same time.)


A picture my friend Scott took at a Paint Nite of me painting, what all of us created that night, an Eiffel Tower of Stars.

I mostly like the get into the flow of creating things alone or with another quiet person doing their own thing, but it was a fun experience and I’d definitely do it again.

4) 1 x visit: This is one planned visit with a valuable person each week. This doesn’t have to be a long visit, but I will aim to have one visit per week with an important person, outside of my living arrangement, where I live with two important people and it can be easy to forget to spend time with other meaningful connections. During a busier week, I might not be able to do this, during a quieter week, I may be able to do more, it depends.

We have great communication and understandings of each others’ needs at home, don’t really see each other very much most weeks, for it to be an issue, anyway, but still have no problem healthily expressing our needs and taking advantage of our own space when we need and want to (and we do if that happens and it’s respected and understood- I love it).

With many Introvert tendencies, I have a social/stimulation cap and need to maintain self/energy-care practices to be the person I want to be with myself, others, and out in the world.

5) 1 day phone free: I read a really amazing email this morning from a blog/letter I love reading and subscribe to (Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution). This stimulated even more motivation to maintain the (I feel) healthy (for me, at least) distance I’ve been working on with my cell phone.

If you’re interested in reading it, here it is: The End of Solitude: Overtaken by technology 

I may choose a particular day each week, and it may be a random choice some weeks. I’ll have to see how this goes. Tomorrow is the start of a new week from the Sunday-Saturday weekly view (and the first day I’ll be intentionally doing this). I chose tomorrow because it’s one of my family thanksgivings and I thought that was a great opportunity for more intentional in-life connection. This will give me more time to be distraction free and present before and after, too.

6) Tidy Work Space. Cleaning is not my favourite thing ever, lol. And, while most often I am courteous and clean up after myself in shared places, my own can slide sometimes (yes, this is a contrast that can tell a lot 🙂 Lol. I’m working on it.)

7) Weekly Chore: I live with two (awesome in their own awesomely unique ways) people. We each have a chore each week to do our share around the house. This system works really well for us when we’re all on board and it’s important to me to do my fair share.

8) Full body tissue work for 30 minutes: This could be self myofascial release with some of my faves: The Stick, Yoga Tune Up Balls, a Rumble Roller, a Foam Roller or a combination.

(Side note: (Kind of): It’s a good idea to roll out and follow up with a dynamic warmup before workouts (resistance training, running, various sports, etc and before yoga, too

This can help prepare us for movement, can help improve nutrient delivery, can help prevent injuries, can help with stress management, and more.

Here’s a short T-Nation article (including videos) that can be very helpful to learn from.)

For the purpose of this list and my goals and wants: This is a full body session done on it’s own- not just as a pre-movement practice.

An amazing woman and dear friend, Lisa Highfield holds a Yoga Tune Up class where she teaches various techniques and offers an hour of tissue releasing awesomeness. I was in to see her Friday and any Friday I’m able to at 10:30, I’m her’s.

9) 1 x Skill practice: This is an opportunity I take to incorporate/practice firsthand a skill we do with CMHA Clients. This only takes ~10 minutes on average.

I think this is an important thing and want to focus on it more completely, so a post coming up will be dedicated to this.

Thank you for reading.

If you’d like to share ways you’re looking to incorporate a new habit,  or just reach out, I’d love to hear about it and to hear from you. Here is my contact form: Contact Renee

I hope you enjoy the rest of your night tonight!



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