A super helpful idea for consistency

Hi there 🙂

There are a lot of cool things that have gone on the past very short while, goals I want to dedicate more time and energy to (and to do them well), and more time I want to dedicate to my own personal time, and to still be able to maintain important personal connections.

I wanted to share how I’ll be ensuring this is happening consistently.

Firstly, The CMHA Mental Health For All Conference was so amazing. I absolutely loved meeting so many awesome people, learning a lot from many of these people, speaking about future collaborations, AND sharing and speaking with everyone who sat in on the “Making the Mind-Body Connection in Mental Health” Talk. The room was full! I was not expecting that and it was a really great experience. My nerves were eased immediately sensing the kind attentiveness from that group. Really awesome.

Now back to ideas for organizing: When it comes to getting things done, I can be quite organized when it comes to appointments, etc but, when times get busier with various things (as I like and can thrive on, for periods of time, when I plan things well and rest enough), things can slide. Some of these things could be: personal downtime, meal preparation, or even physical activity/movement sometimes. These are all very important to me and so it’s important to me to continue making adjustments and to sort  ways to keep things in balance the best I can.

To help with that, I need to have systems in place to help keep me organized at times and to help prevent slippage from happening (and to be sure I’m getting done all I need and want to while also giving myself the care and attention I want and need).

Around the time I was thinking of more things I could do to keep myself more organized, something really cool came into my email inbox- a really helpful email from a Nate Green called “The Stupid-Simple System I use to stay consistent- with anything.” I thought it was awesome, simple and definitely something I felt would be super helpful for daily practices.

It also really appeals to my like for having things on paper and for writing things out (there are some things I like typing, but mostly I like writing things).

My goals broken down and placed into Nate Green’s System:


(The weekly goal sheet has started, and is “open” until Saturday. This particular daily card is beginning this Sunday as I just started this system tonight. Today-Saturday are being checked on another card)

Yep, it’s a cue card. 🙂 There is one for daily goals and one for weekly goals. If I do a task that day, it gets an X (and a mental “yesssss,” (insert fist pump)), if I don’t it gets an 0.

And the same for the weekly goals which are either something that is likely best done in a single day, or something that can be done anytime during the week. This will then be written in my paper schedule.

Now I’ll break down each one, as Nate Green had shown and explained for his.

The daily card goals:

1) Meditate- I do have an incorporated practice now, but I want the practice to be more frequent and consistent. Here, I don’t have a time written in as it may vary. The minimum time is 10 minutes.

2) Movement- this could mean yoga or mobility work at home, a run outdoors, a hike, a visit to the gym, or a yoga class.
Lately, I have been focusing largely on Yoga as my choice movement. I’ll “x” it off here and write in my planner what I chose to do that day.
I’m excited to be held more accountable here along with through the Precision Nutrition platform and my awesome PN coach, Kate Soloveiva.

3) Green tea- There are a lot of amazing health benefits to green tea and, after reading this article today (the dental diet), it boosted it’s importance even more to me. I will have 2-4 cups per day.

4) Phone off when working on the computer (and preferably out of the room, too)- I have gotten in the habit of leaving my phone at home most days when working at eating disorders and many times when I’m out doing things or with others. I’ll also turn it off a lot of the time, if I and where I won’t need it.

I don’t feel my phone needs to be on when I’m with other people. I think, as awesome as it can be to be able to connect with others so easily, it can also be a big distraction and can take us out of the moment. It’s really interesting to be without that attachment and to notice what our relationship to it really was or is.
Now, this skill will be extended to some more at home practice.

(PS: I actually checked my phone while taking a little breather from typing this without even thinking, lol, yes, this will be a good thing to watch over time.

5) Free-writing– this is already done quite regularly but I would like to make this practice more visible to me and consistently.

Sometimes this is done throughout the day at random times and when it “strikes” me and other times I’ll set a time and do it. This has been the case for sometime now and I love it. The card and tracking will help even more, and will also help me to notice patterns if anything changes.

6) Text x 2- This is to remind me to send 2 initiated meaningful texts to valuable people everyday. I’m not the best texter, as most who know me will attest to and sometimes a few days can go by without me texting at all! Especially if I am in a period of time where there is a three or more day stretch of shifts, or if there are other important things going on.
I don’t think this is always bad, but it feels good to send a thoughtful message intentionally and can help our relationships and friendships when those we care about receive unexpected messages. This could be simple as “Hey mom, I love you. Good luck with your meeting today” Or “Hey you, I was thinking about you today. Hope your day is going well.” Or “Hey you, You’re pretty effing awesome. Okay, that is all.” Lol, whatever it is.
I’ll be aiming to send 2 random and meaningful (initiated) texts a day and am pretty excited about it.

7) Prepare meals- when I am busier, it can be really easy for this to slide, and it has. When this slides, I am not always happy with the choices of food that can be made alternatively. And planning meals is (and maybe always will be) something that can be very important to me and my overall health, general physical goals, and wellbeing when times get busier or when everyday life things come up (as they will).
I’ll be preparing meals for the following day the night before. On stretches where I work 3 (or more) days in a row, I will prepare for 3 days and put in the freezer or fridge accordingly. If I am working from home or off the following day, I will prepare the meals in the morning or just one meal at a time (the card will still get an X if I’ve taken time to prepare)

8) Schedule the next day- this helps get thoughts and plans out of my head and on paper. Having a schedule (and lists) feel awesome to me. Yes I just used awesome, lists and schedule in the same sentence. :).

9) To do list for next day- I’ll do this up and break it down into smaller tasks.

10) Pre-bed ritual- this is to help wind down for the night. The more we practice similar or the same rituals before bed, the easier it can become for our minds and bodies to wind down before bed.

There is no one or right way to do these things (or pretty much anything) and playing around with various things to find what works best for us can be really fun, interesting, and we can learn a lot about ourselves.

Check out this supercool infographic about the importance of sleep which also includes some ideas for pre-bed rituals, if this is something you would like to try: The importance of sleep.

I’ll go into the weekly rituals in the next post.

This may seem like a lengthy bunch of things to do, and it might be, I’ll have to test it out and see (it also will likely change over time and as my specific goals and wants change), But many of these are things that are already done or are things that are done frequently but can slide. When something seems too large, or feels like too much, it can always be changed or broken down into a smaller goal.

If you’re up for trying this system, just beginning with one goal at a time and purely focusing on that can lead to really amazing changes overtime.

If you’d like to share your habits or one habit you would like to incorporate, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you: Contact Renee 

Thank you for reading and I hope you’re having a great night tonight!



3 thoughts on “A super helpful idea for consistency

  1. Carmen says:

    Re: Meditate

    I’ve been going to practice guided meditation – I guess as a way to clear my mind, less anxiety, “let go”, relax etc. I’m still not good at it, but if you’d like, you can come with me to one of these sessions one day

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