Cutest Journal

Yesterday, in between some visits, downtime, and work, I went out to get a new journal/notebook and came across this guy 🙂 I wanted to experiment and see how it would be to, instead of the standard journals I normally have (plain covers), try using one that put a smile on my face.
Anyone who knows me knows animals light me up. Love looking at this little guy below. (Dollarama $3!)

14233145_10153809972976190_4349601231944707897_n (1)

Journalling is something I’ve done since I was 5 years old and learned to write (and still wished I had those journals to look back on!).

Reasons I journal now are: for an outlet (a “brain dump” and (perhaps) an intuition channel, you could say), a free writing tool, a workout tracker, and to keep me organized with daily lists (although sometimes there are other notebooks I’ll use to supplement and for particular reasons, especially if there is a particular goal in mind workout/nutrition wise (it makes it really easy to track and look back on when notebooks are separate)).

If you journal, I would absolutely love to hear about it and your reasons! Feel free to use the contact form here or comment below, if you’re open to that.

Contact form here. 





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