An Update and Time/Energy Spending Awareness and Management

This week, some really exciting things happened.The first one and one that feels so amazing, is that I finally started driving again!

I drove here and there as a teen and a little bit in my early twenties, but never with consistency (more than a couple of months at a time, at most) before anxiety and fear around it would kick in, a couple of times responses to this fear and anxiety led to an accident, this would further compound the fear and the anxiety, etc. and I then I would stop. As the cycle went. I finally just gave it up in my early twenties (at 21).

I kept up my license (paying for “G class” renewal when it came time, etc) but have not driven a car at all for ~8 years (which was in a parking lot) and not on an actual road for ~11 years.

Well, I am back at it now, after a supportive push from work (some of our supportive duties with clients require driving or, at least, are made much easier when we can drive, and it is now an enforced contract stipulation), some work/speaking with colleagues specializing in the area most beneficial to get at the root of all of this, supportive friends, and putting my big girl pants on, telling my storytelling mind that I’ve heard enough, and just doing it.

No going back now, and this makes me feel really excited about the new option to drive I now have, incredibly liberated, and really proud that I stopped blowing everything out of proportion in my mind and just did it (Note: self-validation is needed and important here- this was really hard for me, and I do allow myself to grasp and own that BUT I also still fully own the tendency I can have to create gigantic problems when my thinking gets away from me…and this I definitely did, lol).

Now moving past all that, and with this new freedom, this week I have been able to visit some people who are very important to me, but I don’t see often. One of these being a woman I love and respect very much and have known for quite sometime now (nearly my whole life). I love her intelligence, her amazing insights, how funny and honest she is, and how far I’ve watched her come and continue to grow.

We have both seen each other move through proud moments and otherwise, and I feel this knowledge of each other (both strengths and challenges), while maintaining a clear sight of what we know the other is capable of, and never losing respect for the other, has kept us bonded. Also, with our distance and the busyness of our different lives, I love that time can go by and we can pick right up where we left off without missing a beat.

I’m happy we were able to spend time together and very happy there is more freedom to do that now (and to visit with others).

Now, tying into thoughts and lessons from today:

Before coming to this coffee shop to blog a bit (at a place I love to work from in another side of the city from time-to-time), today was used to 1) have some creative, quality self-connecting time while colouring (as talked about a bit in the previous blog), to listen to a Webinar recording hosted by Dr. John Berardi and Eva Tang to help with PN ProCoach use, and then I went for a workout and further processed everything.

(After learning, I like to take notes during, read them a bit afterward, and then do something physical, which normally helps me process some things further.)

While many points and thoughts stuck out for me during this webinar, one especially stuck out to me and, coincidentally, was something my friend and I had also spoken about (from a different angle).

We spoke about how important it is to be mindful of where we place our time and attention, especially when we have plans and goals in the works that are important to us. And, although she and I took a little bit of a different spin on this, during this webinar, Dr. Berardi made an awesome and helpful point about it being very important for entrepreneurs to be careful with what they do with their time (I don’t recall the exact wording, but this was the point I took away).

This was greatly appreciated and, entrepreneur or not, I think it’s important for our overall wellbeing, health, goal attainment, and so much more, to be aware of where we are placing our time and attention and to make the changes and adjustments we need to, if and when we need to, and if and where we can.

This point brought up twice (in different ways) stimulated a desire to revisit my own choices, to brain storm/re-visit helpful self-reflective questions (for myself and for whoever else may find them helpful), and to make adjustments where I need to so 1) I can be more aware of my own patterns and make changes where needed and 2) So I can continue working from a place of experience when I’m helping others with their own goal setting, attainment, adjustment, etc. as is a big and really important part of work with clients at Eating Disorders and in other areas.

This is an opening blog for others, with my goal with this blog now being to write at least one post a week (writing that goal ambition here keeps me feeling held accountable :)).

Soon (within a week) will be diving into some self-reflective questions and thoughts to become more aware of where we are putting our time and energy, so that we can begin making adjustments where needed to begin working toward important goals.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’re having a great night tonight!



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