National Mental Health For All Conference Site up and Going!

So awesome! The National Mental Health For All Conference Website is up and going:


And, near the end of last week, all presenters received finalized versions of our speaking schedules, along with the ability to choose other talks we would like to see on the Thursday of the conference.

This made everything more “real” and I am definitely nervous and excited. Wendy Pearson (Eating Disorder Specialist and Registered Psychotherapist from the LHSC Team) and I are collaborating on information behind the presentation.

I’m so excited to venture up there, bright and early on the 29th, with our CMHA-Middlesex team and to learn from and see a lot of greatly respected, knowledgeable, caring, and incredibly hard working individuals present on their chosen topics.

With multiple streams running at once, it would be amazing to see all talks, but since this isn’t possible, I have chosen to listen to and learn from those from CMHA-Middlesex:

9:30-11AM: Presentation on “CMHA-Middlesex Housing” by Hollie Wallace and Jay MacDonald

Then from 11:30-12:30: I’ll be up with “Making the Mind Body Connection in Mental Health” (presenting collaborative information from both CMHA and LHSC)

2:45-415PM: Susan MacPhail will be speaking on “Trauma Informed”

4:30PM-5:30PM: Cass Wender will be speaking about “Support for Substance Using Individuals.”

Here’s the updated site again if you’d like to check out ticket and topic information:

I hope you’re having a great day!




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