FREE (and limited) Spots for PN ProCoach Powered Coaching

Hi guys!

I’ve started some new ventures that I feel have the power and the ability to help many, many people make many meaningful and lasting changes. I’m working on ways to reach as many people as I can, and would love your help with making these new ventures and offerings a success.

A really important one to me, and one that I feel has the capability to make a huge impact and to help many people, is the Precision Nutrition ProCoach Powered platform and curriculum I’ve recently begun incorporating with existing clients, and other important people in my life (family and friends). I wanted to get feedback and to practice using this with them first.

It has been so fun, awesome to use, and the people enlisted and that have been consistent with it, have loved it and are choosing to stay with it.
What this platform, curriculum, and habit based method is and how it can help:
This is Habit based coaching, with built in progress and accountability, really cool daily lessons, along with the ability for clients and I to check in, for me to help trouble shoot, and to converse with those who take part.
Our contact can be adjusted according to individual client needs and wants.

This is amazing and I feel this way of client learning, checking in, and tracking progress is really revolutionary and exciting for those looking to make sustainable changes.

Often, meal plans and large overhauls can feel overwhelming and may not always seem to fit into a “real life” context. Those looking to make changes can often feel overwhelmed, stressed, and like too much is needed to be given up in order to see desired changes.

What can happen as a result to these feelings and reactions? We may choose to do nothing, and we may even choose to give up on our goals entirely. Or we may try to make a gigantic overhaul, hit a stumbling block, feel as though it’s too much, possibly end up feeling like a complete failure, and, finally and unfortunately, revert back to old habits (perhaps even with more “vengeance.”)

I don’t think this has to be the case.
When we focus on one thing at a time, and only that thing, we can feel so empowered as we meet this individual goal, can create a feeling of achievement, which can, in turn, build confidence, fuel motivation, give power to our drive, and can lead us to build on this habit (one-by-one), leading to lasting, sustainable, and amazing changes over time.
This is what this habit based coaching curriculum, built in accountability, and platform can offer to those looking to make important and lasting changes. One habit at a time is given, and habits are built upon over the span of one year, leading to amazing transformations and lasting change.

I want to share this and am excited to offer access to this platform, curriculum, and support to 20 people for two months, for free.
If, after the two months, you want to stay on, awesome. If you don’t, equally cool, and I have no doubt you’ll learn, benefit, and grow in the ways you want to either way.

You’ll likely want to fill out the attached contact form ASAP, if you’re interested, as there are only 20 spaces and this will be shared on 5 social media platforms tonight.



2 thoughts on “FREE (and limited) Spots for PN ProCoach Powered Coaching

  1. Heather Burger says:

    Definitely interested! Matt told me I should contact you regarding changing my fitness outlook and trying to get into a routine. Can you provide me with more info? What is the cost after the 2 months? I would love to work with someone who can get me moving and dropping the weight once and for all!

    • reneeprimeau says:

      Hey Heather!
      Thank you so much for reaching out. I would absolutely love to work with you on your goals! This is an amazing place to start.
      After the free two months, it’s 129.00/month. And the platform is super amazing and easy to use.
      I see you provided an email here. I will use this to reach out. 🙂


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