SWIS Ozzie Talk 2016 Presentation : Bikini and Figure Post Competition Eating and Emotion Management Strategies

Thank you Ken Kinakin and SWIS 2016 (Society of Weight Training Injury Specialists) for inviting me to speak at OzzieTalks this year!
I’m really excited about this; to share, and to learn from and engage with those who may attend, audience feedback, and any questions that may come up.
Here is an outline of the presentation and bio as added by SWIS:

“Renee Primeau has confirmed she is coming to SWIS 2016 in October 13-15 in Mississauga Ontario Canada.

“Renee is going to be presenting at Ozzie Talks, a very impactful session that is much needed in the bikini and figure industry.

Her session is ‘Bikini and Figure Post Competition Eating and Emotional Management Strategies’.

“Often, the hardest thing with competing is after the competition and how the body changes due to eating patterns and how you can spiral out of control emotionally. Renee has been there personally and deals with this everyday in her work. You will learn specific strategies to implement right after your contest to help mitigate the eating and emotional downward spiral. Read her impressive bio below.

“Renee Primeau is a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, as well as a Mental Health Worker (Support Staff) with Canadian Mental Health Association-Middlesex’s Adult Eating Disorder Treatment Program in London, Ontario. The CMHA-Middlesex Team and London Health Sciences Center’s Clinical Team work in collaboration.

“Renee is a former figure competitor, competition/fitness model coach, working with some of the most well-known names in the fitness industry, and former competitive martial artist, holding a black belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate.

“She now uses much of that determination and drive in her work with CMHA-Middlesex, as a personal trainer and coach, in the community for Mental Health Advocacy and Support, Human Trafficking Awareness and Education, and Speaking about Body Image and Body Acceptance to youth.”

Side note and an added comment in response to a question/comment on Ken Kinakin/SWIS2016’s facebook post about this talk and topic: I think it’s really important to understand that contest shape is often a short term goal, often with extreme measures (regardless of the methods chosen), and there will highly likely be trade-offs (potentially in many ways). Not all will understand that when making the decision to start preparing for a show (or other goal requiring a certain amount of leanness).
If you want to read, PN has a really amazing article and infographic about the costs of being lean: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/cost-of-getting-lean

This talk will be focusing more on ideas for emotion management and eating strategies for post show, to help prevent those we’re helping (or ourselves) from venturing too far from healthy and sustainable behaviours, but I really loved that article, it gives a great and thorough reality check, and I think it’s an amazing read for many people with various goals (whether choosing to compete or not).

If you’re interested in Ozzie Talks, Swis2016, or want to buy tickets, check out http://www.swis.ca


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