Open Closet Talk

Last weekend (Friday April 22nd), I was really excited to be speaking with the Open Closet Group, run out of Regional HIV/AIDS Connection here in London, Ontario.

Open Closet is an LGBTQ+ group for youth aged 14-18, confused about, exploring, and/or coming out about sexual identifications and preferences.

With CMHA-Middlesex’s full support, I was very happy to speak with the awesome facilitators and this group of bright young people. We talked about a lot of things, some of them including perceptions of beauty and ideas of “normalcy” when it comes to appearance, and how these perceptions can impact how we view ourselves, our worth, values, etc. and creative ways to cultivate body acceptance, self-esteem, and awareness of our personal views (and how potentially helpful or harmful our adopted views and perceptions may be).

Questions, insights, and information were presented, we had an incredible open discussion, and local community partners to reach out to in times of need were offered.

In short, It was awesome.

Thank you so much, Open Closet, for having me as a representative of CMHA-Middlesex Eating Disorders Program.

From left to right: Nick D’oria (Open Closet facilitator), Me, Wes Heney (Open Closet facilitator)


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