The LGBTQ Community and Eating Disorders Talk

Hey there 🙂
There are a lot of things I have wanted to be on top of in this blog and haven’t really been, lol. Although I will be adding more and different things later, this is an important and really exciting one to me: LGBTQ folk and the eating disorders connection: An open discussion.

The above picture shows some of the materials for this talk I’m doing this Friday with the Open Closet Group run out of Regional HIV/AIDS Connection here in London, Ontario.

Open Closet is an LGBTQ (and including Asexual) group for youth questioning, confused about, exploring, and/or coming out about gender and sexuality preferences and identifications.
I was really excited to be asked to speak with this group by a friend, employee of RHAC, and female to male transitioned amazing person.

When I worked at Fitness Forum, he and I met years ago and I got to connect with and learn a little about his transition to a more true self. It was really amazing. This openness also inspired a desire to learn more and was one of the many inspirations to continue educating myself in the mental health, addictions, support, social services, eating disorders, etc. areas (and the many ways all of this can intertwine).

Now, both of us being connected in the social services world, I was thrilled to receive the request and also thrilled CMHA-Middlesex was so open, eager, and excited to support and to be a part of it in various ways.

As a representative of CMHA-Middlesex and the Eating Disorders Program, we will be having an open floor discussion with these brave and awesome youth, where we’ll talk about Body Image, Self Esteem, Eating Disorders, and Sexuality.

Services available for other supports will also be talked about. Check out for info on programs and collaborations. Check out for more info about this amazing place, services offered and incredibly inspiring group of individuals (both those who access the services offered and staff).



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