SWIS 2015- an awesome experience.

This past weekend was a great weekend full of learning and connecting: The SWIS 2015 (Society of Weight-Training and Injury Specialists) Conference held in Mississauga Ontario, and it was amazing.

The event started on Thursday night with Ozzie Talks. These were short, Ted Talk style, 20 minute presentations by some of the presenters and were free of charge with any donations going to Anml Resq Foundation, a volunteer run animal rescue fund.

12208807_10153182283836190_9018776443843973110_nThis is Dexter at Ozzie Talks:) Dexter is one of the Anml-Resq dogs, now happily belonging to a loving owner.

Dr. Ken Kinakin and crew worked super hard to create an awesome and informative event with speakers from as far as Ireland and Australia.

It was tough to choose, as there were 4 streams running at once for both days, but some of the speakers I was fortunate enough to see and learn from during the seminars on Friday and Saturday were Matt Nichol, Dave Tate, Dr. John Berardi, Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon, Dr. Eric Serrano, Dr. Rob Rakowski, of course, Dr. Ken Kinakin, and more.

I’ve met some awesome people through Dr. Kinakin’s Muscle Testing seminars/certifications and it was really great to spend time with some of them this weekend, to see some familiar faces, and to meet many new people.

Although pretty tired on Saturday night (and nervous, lol) after 2 + days of conferences and socializing, with these natural introvert tendencies of mine along with some social inhibitions, at times, excitement to speak with some of these really interesting, stimulating people kept me going. I loved being able to meet many of the presenters, to see some I don’t see in person often, and to ask some in person questions. I loved seeing other important people enjoy this weekend, too. Really valuable connections were made, and it’s definitely an experience I won’t forget (as I’m sure many others feel similarly). Can’t wait until next year.

Thank you for all that you do, Ken, and for making this possible for so many people to experience and learn from.

Here are some favourite pictures from SWIS 2015.

12239710_10153188856756190_4854061789261436079_n (1)


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