“Be soft, kind, and loving. But also take nobody’s s#i+”

Loved seeing this on Instagram last week on @meditation_inspiration, lol.

11800069_10152979761656190_9059318189903423525_nI think there are times when things just are not worth addressing, but there are other times when someone may need to be made aware when their behaviour isn’t appropriate and won’t be tolerated.
If we can stay rooted in ourselves, aware of our worth, we can state plainly and clearly when someone is out of line. And I think this is much more effective than either “losing it” and allowing spur of the moment emotional reactions to rule us, or by allowing the passive aggressiveness to creep out that can come from burying resentment (perhaps stemming from continuously not speaking up or maintaining our boundaries).
Being a kind person does not mean we allow people to walk all over us. Know your worth, know your values, know these things matter, and learn to speak up.


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