Even when people are percieved as frustrating or otherwise challenging in some way (as I think we all have the potential to be in different ways, at different times, and perhaps to different people), if we can keep in mind that we all come from somewhere and that we all have a story, I think our reactions and connections to one another can be much different and much more fulfilling.

We all have unique experiences in our pasts, different supports, challenges, etc (internally and externally) and we all have our own unique perceptions of and reactions to past experiences and likely many other important factors.
Sometimes likely very complicated combinations of some or maybe all of those things can lead to some possibly not very productive or always “patience-inducing” ways of being in the world. We all have the potential to not always be “100% on” and none of us are perfect.

I think if we can remember this, while keeping our own stuff in check, we can become more accepting, of ourselves and others, and can have the potential to respond more appropriately and compassionately to potentially challenging situations and people than we possibly would by being closed off and/or thoughtlessly reactive.

I don’t think this means we need to be completely passive, to accept poor treatment, or to be “okay with” being taken advantage of, and i don’t think we need to welcome all people close to us, but I think we can learn to respond more appropriately and with way more effectiveness than we likely could from closed mindedness, purely emotional reactivity, etc. (Although I don’t believe there are many (or any) of us that can be entirely present and patient 100% of the time and we likely will all need to deliver some apologies and perhaps complete some “repairs” along our path, lol)

We all have a story, and we all have our “stuff.”And I truly believe that if we could take a more open and compassionate stance with our own ways of being, past and present, and could become more open to others as they are, knowing they also have their own stuff (whether we hear what that may be or not) there isn’t anyone we couldn’t love, or at least feel for on some judgment altering (and perhaps judgement eliminating) level.


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