Being Human

During an online course I’m taking on “The Science of Stress Management and Promoting Wellbeing,” (for work and life) this quote came up during today’s lecture and I thought it was really awesome: “Commitment Isn’t about being perfect, always following through, or never going astray. Commitment means that when you (inevitably) stumble or get off track, you pick yourself up, find your bearings, and carry on in the most meaningful direction possible.” Dr. Russ Harris:Medical Practicioner, Psychotherapist, Executive Coach.
I think, if we can allow ourselves to recognize the temporary and perhaps “negative off ramps” that we all may find ourselves on sometimes, and realize we really don’t have to stay there, we can push forward with even more strength and courage than perhaps we may have thought we had available to us before. And, I think, with those realizations, we can push forward in even more meaningful directions.
We’re all human, we all screw up. It’s what humans do. We’re fallible. All of us.
This is how we can learn, and how we can grow: grow more strength, more compassion, connection with others and within ourselves, acceptance, abilities to be vulnerable, and countless other things.
I think that’s pretty great. And I think I feel more blogging ideas coming to me, lol. More soon 🙂
Hope you’re having a great day today. 


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