Offering Newly Reformatted Group Fitness Classes!

Hi guys,

I will be starting up a new group fitness class on April 20th. I learned a few things over the past 6 that I’ve run:
1) 12 is too many people in one class for me to feel able to offer the type of attention and care that I like to (and feel is necessary for safety and instructing reasons)
2) Without a thorough assessment and other things involved, I wasn’t able to assist individuals as well as could be possible with more (more thorough nutrition tips, measurements for accountability and progress (for those who want them), and more.

So I wanted to offer something different, both to use more of the skills I’ve been taught and have learned and practiced, and to be able to offer more to those taking part in these sessions. Please see below for the information as created today by Alec at the facility I teach these classes from, Fitness Forum:

Program #1: ACT/Body Blast with Renee

Renee has re-formatted her popular Body Blast group training program to incorporate aspects from her recent ACT ( Assess Correct Train) Certification.

Each workout begins with a thorough warm up. ( tissue work and dynamic warmup/mobility work) This is a full body conditioning/metabolic workout that can include TRX, kettlebells, track work, strength bands, cables, dumbbells,
each workout different and progressing from previous.

Initial session will include ACT assessment methods, for movement assessment and will also include teaching of proper and safe techniques for major movements (squats, lunges, general mobility and muscle testing assessments for upper and lower body- muscle testing performed as taught by Dr. Ken Kinakin and reinforced during Joe Arko’s ACT certification program)

Renee’s clients have ranged from those looking to make personal gains to those who have graced the covers of the top health & fitness magazines in the world. This is also a great opportunity to connect with Renee as she ramps up her own program in preparation for her next competition.

When: Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:45 pm beginning April 20th
Duration: 8 weeks ( 16 classes)
Cost: $139 + HST Members
$159 + HST Non Members
Registration: at club front desk or by phone at 519-681-1123

Enrollment is limited to 8 persons per group, and spots will be limited due to returning participants. I encourage you
to register soon if you are interested, all 6 of Renee’s previous programs have been full.


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