London Anti-Human Trafficking Committee Speakers’ Bureau Orientation Night

The London Anti-Human Trafficking Committee (LAHT) includes a Speakers’ Bureau with a Youth Education Sub-Committee. The speakers’ bureau and sub-committee work to raise awareness and education regarding human trafficking to social service providers, educators of various kinds, medical staff, law enforcement, youth, and many more. All potential speakers’ joining the speakers’ bureau must receive a criminal background check and complete an interview.

Once on board, there is a great opportunity to present to the committee and sub-committees about your area/direction of choice regarding Human Trafficking. If you’re interested in joining the committee, sub-committee, or learning more, check out the site: LAHT

As a new member of the Speakers’ Bureau, I was really excited to have the opportunity for a short presentation (10-15 minutes) at our orientation night last night. It was an awesome experience! Great feedback and helpful suggestions were given and I cannot wait to continue growing in this direction.

The topic chosen was: Sex Trafficking of Young Females (there are other tactics used but a focus for this brief presentation was placed on the “boyfriend” tactic.)

Also, trafficking does happen to males and individuals of all ages, definitely, so I don’t want to minimize that, but this was the focus for this talk.

Sub topics were: Vulnerability Factors, Behaviour/Tactics of Traffickers (how the girls are “groomed”), signs of sex trafficking in young females, and ideas were discussed about ways we can help foster strengths and characteristics in females to help prevent trafficking before it starts.


Speaking publicly regarding this sensitive issue and others is something I have wanted to do for a while now, for both personal and professional reasons, and supportive and important people in my life, along with this amazing group of supportive individuals has really helped me start into that direction. I’m thankful for that and excited about the opportunity to work with LAHT and other professionals further and in different ways.

If you would like to review the slides from my presentation, feel free to check them out below. And I am always open to suggestions for improvement, things you feel were done well, or comments and questions below. Please do note though that these slides were an outline to an oral presentation given that did go into further detail, explanations, and with more points expressed so not all information and discussions presented will be visible. Feedback and things to change so far: Too much info condensed on each slide, more visuals needed, and consider numbering points on some slides instead of bullets.

Presentation Notes
: Trafficking of Young Females

Hope you’re having a great day!



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