Incredible You

I met an incredible woman. She is full of strength, beauty, amazing capabilities and a lot of love. She could do anything she set her mind to and could have anything she allowed herself to have. This is what I see when I look at her and what anyone who knows her must see, as well.

What she sees in herself is very different. She sees a woman who is not very capable, not very deserving, and not very strong at all. The way she feels about herself is reflected in where she is now, who she is with, and the things and events that have been brought into her life.

If she could only see what other people see when they look at her, her life would be a lot different. I wish she would see this. I wish she could be made to see this, as I’m sure those who really care about her wish, as well.

But the only person who can really change her thinking and what she believes is her.

We all deserve a great life. We deserve to live the way we want to, the way that feels right to us, with the people we want to spend it with. We deserve to have all of this while reaching the goals we are completely capable of reaching.

Don’t doubt that you deserve great things.

Every single one of us is filled with amazing strength, love, wisdom and capabilities that would amaze us if we only recognized them.

We can choose to change our thinking at any moment and begin to see the truth of what we really are: Incredible. Once we see and believe that, we begin to act like it. Once we act like it, great things happen. Everything changes.

Don’t hold yourself back from having what you deserve and being all that you are capable of being. Don’t wait for the right person, place, thing or event to come around and save you.

You are that right person and the right place is where you are, right now. You can do and be anything you choose. The second you recognize that, you begin to turn into the incredible person you were born to be.

You deserve that.


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