We can get so caught up in what we may have been taught the ideal life, person, friend, man, woman, self, etc. consists of that we can forget to accept ourselves and others as we are.

Who chose these ideals? Why do we so often feel the need to try following these examples and opinions- even if we don’t truly agree? And why do we so often judge ourselves and others if we don’t (or can’t) follow these examples?

Trying to force ourselves into moulds that may not be right for us can be so exhausting, limiting, painful, damaging and hurtful (both to ourselves and to the people in our lives) and can be the cause of so much confusion,  misery, and wasted greatness.

If you want to choose, live, or be different from what you’ve been taught is “normal,” desirable, successful, admirable, etc., whether by the media, society, your parents, peers, etc. then go ahead and do that.

Be who are and choose what you want. And if you’re not even sure what that is yet- then allow yourself the chance to learn.

And let’s learn to allow others to do the same.

Your choices are yours to make and your life is yours to live. And the only person who truly has to live with you and your choices is you.


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