My Sister’s Place’s Very First Research Project!

If you are not familiar with My Sister’s Place London: My Sisters’ Place is a safe, supportive community for women facing or at risk of homelessness.  Our programs address the underlying issues of mental illness, addiction, street involvement, abuse, trauma, health, poverty and hunger.

At My Sisters’ Place, we believe in women’s resilience and welcome all women with dignity and respect.


To help formulate a deeper understanding and to gather more information to support the very diverse circumstances and situations seen each day, My Sister’s Place is so proud to announce the very first research project. This research project is geared to investigate the turning points in the lives of women of lived experience and the interplay of women’s homelessness, mental health, addictions and poverty.

“We hear heartbreaking stories of women struggling with homelessness, mental illness, abuse and addictions at My Sisters’ Place everyday. Numbers of women are seriously increasing as upwards of 100-160 women a day walk through our doors to find answers. We have also seen women recover from homelessness, some for longer periods of time than others. We frequently celebrate success with women who are settling into new, safe homes, moving through recovery, returning to school or finding employment. In all of this, it has become clear to us that the issue of homelessness, which is now seen as a national disease, has many symptoms, and no simple cure and is particularly unique in it’s causes and remedies for women.

With the intention of helping women the best we can, this has led us to seek out research findings to get a better understanding of women and homelessness…the primary cause of homelessness in women is violence, which quickly infiltrates into other areas of a woman’s life including…” Click here to read more: MSP Research Project


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