My 29th: The most important year, yet

This week, I celebrated my 29th birthday. This has been a very important year for me, in many respects.

As a person who doesn’t always find it the easiest to connect with and share important parts of myself and important things, even with those I care for most, I’ve learned to. And I’ve learned to actively pursue the meaningful goals and things that I want, irrespective of what I believe may be expected of me. I am thankful for this. Although there is still much to learn and experience, and likely always will be.

I hope you see and appreciate all parts of yourself. I hope you learn and appreciate what you want and go after the things that are important to you. And I hope you see that, although it can be tough, the active pursuit of those things and experiences that are truly meaningful to you can bring amazing things into your life. Possibly not always in the ways you initially hoped for, but very likely, and if we remain open to new possibilities, in ways very fulfilling and right. I hope you’ll experience a life you’re proud of and one that celebrates and cultivates all aspects of you, even those that may be the most difficult to face and share.

Thank you to everyone who has been and continues to be an important part of my journey, pursuits, and experiences.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from my most meaningful birthday, yet and with some of the most important people to me. 🙂

Have a great night








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