Marlyn’s Testimonial

I don’t often share client testimonials, but I really wanted to share this one.

Marlyn is a 79-year-old retired psychotherapist from the London Ontario area and has also been a long-time fitness forum member. She is a very special and interesting person and, although I am very proud of many of the people I am working with now and have in the past, I am very proud of Marlyn.

I wish you could see the changes in her in person. Not only in her performance in the gym and in the way she looks, but in the way she holds herself and in the way she speaks with so much more confidence and energy. It’s really amazing.

Here is a blog entry posted a little while ago about some of mine and Marlyn’s time together: Marlyn

Marlyn’s testimonial:

My time with Renee

Over the years I have had contact with 4 personal trainers. In my opinion she was the best.

 Our contact began about 2 years ago when I began to experience decreased muscle strength and overall function sufficient to cause some impairment of daily activities. Believing this to be age related and therefore possibly somewhat reversible I sought out a trainer. Renee was recommended.

On initial contact, I found her to be a good listener and communicator. Over time, I found her to be reliable, knowledgeable, thorough, well-organized, understanding and easy to get along with. Her approach was eclectic and innovative.

My starting level left much to be desired and we began training in a quiet corner of the gym away from any audience. There were 3 components to my program: 1) warm up 2) exercise, 3) cool down & stretching.

I had her full attention at all times during my sessions and my program was constantly adjusted according to my needs. Sessions were fun and no time was wasted. Nutrition was discussed and we talked about when and what I ate and an effort was made to begin making healthy changes.

With time, I graduated to the main area of the gym and my workouts continued to be carefully monitored and upgraded. Eventually, I was able to follow charts drawn up by Renee and was able to complete my programs with Renee at my side, but not constantly instructing. Finally, I was able to do my sessions on my own without difficulty and saw Renee only monthly or as needed.

My Aquafit  Buddies were commenting on my improved appearance and asking details regarding my program and its cost. I hadn’t really noticed too much, because the changes had been gradual, but I was definitely feeling better.

When I went shopping, I found that my pant size had changed from a 16 to a 10. I realized I had lost weight without really trying – but not proportional to the clothing size and body shape change!

My teenaged grandchildren enjoyed checking out the newly formed muscles and noting the difference in  my ability to do quantities of certain exercises. My god-daughter who hadn’t seen me in a year, turned me around and said ” Godmother !! What have you been doing to yourself ? You look absolutely fantastic !!!” AND an Internist to whom I had been referred by my family doctor told me ” I can’t believe the age you are, you look so much younger!!”

 All this is the result of mine and Renee’s work !! (PS. I’ll be 80 in November ).

 Marlyn L.

APRIL, 2013.


2 thoughts on “Marlyn’s Testimonial

  1. Dennis says:

    How beautiful what a lovely and inspiring testimonial. As the baby boom generation gets older more of this is needed.

    Thank you for sharing


  2. Emmanuel says:

    I do not believe this. At 79 and she is still going strong. Shame on me. I am 42 and have given up on the gym. This has stirred something in me and I am going back to the gym this week.
    Thanks Renée

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