Bright Spots

It’s difficult to understand why some things happen, why some people do the things they do. Why things work out the way they do sometimes.

We can ponder and try to understand and spend our lives trying to figure it all out. But we likely never will. We will probably never know why we sometimes choose to hurt one another, why certain tragedies happen, why sometimes we lose important people in our lives and why others lose important people in theirs, why things don’t always work out the way we wish they would.

But we can make better choices in places we do have control over. We can choose to appreciate what we have and who we have in our lives, we can choose not to take one another for granted, to let those important people know how important they are. We can choose to be nicer to one another and more accepting, to offer an honest compliment just because. We can choose to be and share our best selves.

We may not always be able to stamp out all the darkness and tragedies that can happen, we will likely always make some mistakes- with good intentions or not, and we can’t control the way others choose to act and live. But this doesn’t mean we can’t create our own bright spots.

And who knows, maybe being our best and creating these bright spots will make a difference. Maybe that smile at a stranger, letting those we care about know how important they are, offering an honest compliment, showing an appreciation and acceptance of each other and our differences really can make a difference.

Who knows. But I think if we tried, we might be very surprised by what could happen.




One thought on “Bright Spots

  1. eckotey says:

    Great words of Wisdom Renee. If everyone would just stick to these principles, this world would be a better place to live.

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