Let’s Help the Women of My Sister’s Place London This Christmas

For Christmas this year, Fitness Forum is sponsoring My Sister’s Place London with the hopes of acquiring enough donations for Basic Needs gift bags for the women of My Sister’s Place, and for the My Sister’s Place Wish List.

“My Sisters’ Place is a safe, supportive community for women facing or at risk of homelessness. Our programs address the underlying issues of mental illness, addiction, street involvement, abuse, trauma, health, poverty and hunger. At My Sisters’ Place, we believe in women’s resilience and welcome all women with dignity and respect.” – My Sister’s Place.com

My Sister's Place

Many of the basic necessities that we take for granted, or can simply pick up from the store without too much thought, are things many simply cannot afford. Let’s help.

Gift/donation boxes can be found in the front lobby and in the Women’s Change room.

The basic needs items for the gift bags are:

200 Chapsticks

225 Deodorant

100 Shampoo

150 Conditioner

40 Shower gel

150 travel sized Kleenex

200 hat/mitt/scarf sets

60 pairs of socks

75 Toothbrushes

150 toothpaste

And the wish list can be seen here: My Sister’s Place Wishlist

When looked at as a whole, these lists can seem quite large and even surprising, but homelessness and the lack of the ability to afford these necessities is much more common in our city than many of us are aware of. And every little bit will help in acquiring these basic needs items.

If you have any questions regarding the My Sister’s Place London Christmas donations, speak with Lynn, Renee, or stop by the front desk.

This is also open for anyone who is not a member of Fitness Forum. Donations can be dropped off to Fitness forum at 900 Jalna Blvd or directly to My Sister’s Place at 566 Dundas St. London, Ontario.

Thank you for helping the Women of My Sister’s Place London.


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