Fear= False Evidence Appearing Real

Another amazing idea from Julia Cameron’s book, The Creative Life that, I think, can not only be useful for writers, but for anyone looking to reach any type of important goal.

In this particular section of the book, Julia is explaining a time when she was experiencing writer’s block just before an important deadline. She goes on to explain how this writer’s block is often brought on by what she explains as her tough and doubtful inner critic.

To help get through this, she chooses to call a friend that she admires (a “Believing Mirror”). Her friend empathetically listens to her and then reminds her of the acronym for fear (what the friend recognizes as the feeling Julia’s inner critic has invoked in her):

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

We all have fears and, often, the bigger the change, goal, idea, desire, want, etc. is, the larger or more solid and “real” the fear, belief, doubt or negative perspective can seem. These things don’t have to have control over us, though and they definitely don’t have to determine whether we succeed in what we’re striving for or not.

As tough and “real” as these fears and blocks can seem at times, there are countless (and more productive) perspectives, beliefs, etc. to choose from.

By recognizing a belief as false, and by recognizing that we have choices and the ability to take on new beliefs, we become enabled to choose more productively. By choosing more productive beliefs; beliefs that support our goals and desires, we can bring about our true capabilities and strengths to overcome blocks and challenges of varying kinds.

We create the reality that we really can reach the important goals we’ve set for ourselves.



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