Meet An Amazing Person

I received this really great piece of writing and testimonial over the weekend and wanted to share it with you.
This woman is an amazing person. When speaking with her, right from the start, it’s pretty darn obvious that she is beyond brilliant. She is so perceptive, kind, strong, beautiful and her knowledge in such a wide variety of areas is amazing. It has been really great getting to know her.
She is also very quiet, thoughtful, and quite a private person so it was especially amazing to receive her story and her openness to sharing it.
Meet an amazing person:
I am not a naturally skinny person. I like food and my body likes to hold weight around the middle.
This never really bothered me as a kid and it really wasn’t until university that it occurred to me that I might really be sedentary and overweight. I decided to get involved with the triathlon club at school to begin living in a healthy and active way. I was running, biking, and swimming very regularly, but didn’t make any changes to my diet.
Following this new intense training, I was also making myself busier and busier by taking on more and more extracurriculars. I would basically go, go, go without stopping until I got sick or just broke down with exhaustion. Then I would be inactive for 2-3 weeks before pulling it back together again. All the while I was feeling exhausted, falling asleep in class and getting poor sleep at night.
I was eating a typical “western” diet: Some protein and vegetables but very carb heavy with way too much sugar.
I continued on with this intense activity level, too many extra curriculars and poor eating habits until graduating with my Master’s Degree. I then started working in a hospital. It all went downhill from there. I ended up adding even more hobbies and activities into my schedule and got into a very unhealthy, nasty relationship.
What do you get with all of this? Tada! A perfect recipe for depression.
I ended up being diagnosed with depression, an anxiety disorder, was prescribed medication and started counselling. This was a really tough time in my life and my weight was all over the place.
I learned a lot about myself during this process and, after a year of counselling and medication, found myself in a better place and frame of mind. I decided to go back to school, which has been the best decision of my life. I also met a man and he happens to be the man of my dreams.
He taught me about the paleo diet and this change has made a huge difference in my quality of life. I started feeling better, sleeping better, and having increased energy levels.

I still wasn’t happy with my weight, however, and I really felt like I needed someone to help me with my workout routine, as well. I had streamlined my activities and was basically only lifting weights and doing yoga a few times a week.
Then one day, I saw the name “Renée Primeau” on the Facebook page of a friend from school. I looked up Renée’s website and found out that she is a holistic lifestyle coach – exactly what I was looking for.
She offers a personalized holistic plan and the support to work through it. I figured that I had nothing to lose and contacted her. I could not be happier with that decision. Renee has changed my life. She provided me with a personalized plan that encompasses every aspect of my life, all the while still allowing me to have one! I love my workouts and my meal plans and even though I’m not “perfect” I have made huge gains while working with Renee. I don’t like to measure success in pounds or inches but I have made progress there!
My psychiatrist has discontinued my medications and my family doctor raves about my blood work, blood pressure, and overall health.
Renée has helped me to improve my health, fitness level, energy level, happiness, love for my body, and for myself. She is an amazing coach, an amazing person, and an amazing friend. With her help I know I can achieve any goal I set for myself.
I also know that it’s not about attaining perfection, it’s about being happy, healthy and feeling confident with who you are.


All of the kind words and thankfulness expressed toward our time together are really appreciated, but I really hope you will focus on and recognize the fact that she has been making changes in her life, out of her great decisions, for quite some time now and, over a number of years, these changes have come from her and her great actions.

I hope we can all begin to realize that we can live in any way we want to and in the way that feels good to us (and we all deserve to!). We all deserve the best. And all positive change, just like this amazing woman has shown, begins with our desire to give ourselves what we deserve.


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