Congrats Meaghan and Many New Things!

I hope you’ve had a great summer so far. It’s pretty hard to believe we’re near the middle of August already!

First, a big huge congrats to Meaghan Terzis for bringing an amazing physique to the CBBF Nationals Stage. She looked absolutely incredible (as you can see in the backstage shot below!).

Placing wise, Meaghan ended up in the top 10 of her height class. Future news from Meaghan and pictures from recent exciting shoots to come soon.

Congrats to everyone who competed this weekend!

Meaghan hanging out backstage with fellow bikini competitor Patrice Lee Seyon

It feels like there is so much to catch up on! These past few months have been full of many new things on the career front and in personal areas of life.

To give an update of some of these things, the first of the big changes came following this year’s Toronto Pro Supershow, near the middle of June. For a few months prior to this, I had been slowly moving toward working on my own with mainly online clients from working as a full-time personal trainer at Fitness Forum (where I have worked for just over 4 years now and only began personal training full-time in the beginning of November of 2010). All things seemed to make sense and line up and, after waiting until it felt like the right time, I knew it had become possible, realistic, and the change was made to mainly online interaction with clients.

Having the opportunity and the ability to do that was a pretty amazing feeling to me. The great and supportive mentors, teachers, family and friends in my life have helped so much in the growth in this direction, as well.

The internet is also a pretty darn amazing thing! The wide range of women I have been and am fortunate enough to connect with have been so diverse and our interactions and work together continues to teach me so much. They are from all walks of life with various fitness and lifestyle goals and are from different parts of the world. Some are local in London, Ontario to out of province in Vancouver, BC to the United States in New York City, Chicago, etc, to now as far as Australia. How amazing is it to be able to connect with each other from such a distance?!

It’s awesome and almost a little unbelievable at times how easily most people from nearly any location and distance can work with others through e-mail, Skype, social networking sites, etc.

But, as amazing as the internet is and as happy as I was (and am) to have the option of working mainly from home with these awesome women, I feel that working with clients in person is something I would miss (and missed already!). I couldn’t give this up completely (or only do it a few hours per week, which is what has been done over the past couple months). In-person client connection is where I get a lot of joy and satisfaction from and have realized that I am not really willing or ready to give that up, or cut down on that so much, right now.

I think that a near even split of in-person and online connection is needed for my personal enjoyment and growth with knowledge and work related skills. This begins in early September and I’m pretty excited about the wicked new plans some clients and I are already discussing!

With my own training, I’ve taken a step back in intensity for a little while but am still enjoying 3 RT sessions per week and am following healthy/balanced lifestyle habits to support my goals and activity level. Also, I’ve learned some Olympic Lifts from my buddy and awesome personal trainer, Bo Parsons, owner of Just Sweat Studio in London, Ontario. I still have much to work on and to learn but, with getting some basics down for now, am pretty excited to keep advancing.

Another new and exciting thing is that I have enrolled and am getting set to head back to school in September. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now (since before this post: New Things on the Horizon) and am more excited about this than can be explained. I’ll be attending Western University to begin my journey toward a 3 year BA in Social Sciences (this will take longer since the course load will be part-time). As of now, the plan is to major in psychology beginning with one course at a time to start. Can’t wait to begin!

Very excited to share some of the cool things learned.

A couple of weeks ago a few of the girls and I collaborated with amazing photographer and super fun person, Vasko Obscura for a photoshoot. Make up was done by Ronnie Tremblay and the set location was Paul Buceta‘s studio in Toronto, Ontario.

With the girls being very laid back and having various personal goals and experience levels in front of the camera, it ended up being a really fun, relaxed, creative and unique experience. They all chose how they wanted to use their time in front of the camera and had some really cool concepts. There will be some of the girls’ choice shots posted soon!

A special thanks to all the awesome ladies who came out, Paul for allowing us to use the space (with such a wicked set up!), all who helped out with the shoot and to my coach, Carter Schoffer‘s client Lauren Aiken for sharing the day with us.

If you want to see some really cool and diverse stuff, check out Vasko’s site:

In preparation for the fall shows, there are ladies working hard toward their goals of hitting the stage (some for the first time ever!). Some updates from those preps will be added soon, too.

It seems like this post was a really big jumble of tidbits, lol! But these are some of the exciting things going on and some of the things I’ve wanted to update for a while now.

Hope to share more soon 🙂

Have a great night tonight!



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