I really loved coming across a couple TED talks by Kathryn Shulz, last week. In one talk, Kathryn spoke about making mistakes, being wrong, and how our need to be “right” can be such a great cause of these mistakes. It includes some really eye-opening examples and was an amazing talk to watch. If you’re interested, here is the link: Kathryn Shulz: On being wrong

I think we can all get so caught up in trying to appear as though we are right, as though “our way” is the right way and the only way, or as though we don’t make mistakes. As Kathryn explains throughout the talk and through a very severe example, this is when we can harm each other, and when we can really mess up.

We really limit our growth, our potential to learn and to really improve, and our ability to effectively help one another when we do this.

When we can admit that we could be wrong, when we can stay open to new opinions and ways of doing things, we allow ourselves the chance to excel, we can limit the chances of harming each other, or of creating some other sort of negativity.

There are so many people and resources for us to learn from when we become open to it.

No one is perfect, no one knows “everything” and that is such an awesome thing. We can use this to bridge new relationships with others, to never stop learning and improving, and we can become more confident when we do make decisions. And most importantly, we can avoid hurting one another.


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