“Harness the power of the word ‘Enough'”

One blog that I really enjoy reading is Dr. Susan Biali’s. If you’re on the path to uncovering what your “ideal life” may be or are interested in reading some great posts by an inspirational, genuine and awesome woman, you may love her blog just as much as I do.

Tonight I read a post called “Harness the power of the word ‘Enough'” and it was amazing. She poses the questions  “What would it mean to you if you decided that your life, right now, is enough? What would that give you permission to stop striving or toiling for?”

Really, what would happen if we all decided we had and were enough, just as we are with all that we have? What if we just did what we loved doing for the sake of doing it and let ourselves be? What if we weren’t so focused on outcomes or statuses, how great we would be if this or that happened or how incredible life would be if we made some ideal income.

How free would we feel? How much would we actually achieve thinking this way? And how much would we actually appreciate those genuine achievements?

I am betting many things would be quite different and that our lives would be pretty amazing.



3 thoughts on ““Harness the power of the word ‘Enough'”

  1. Bill Lee says:

    I agree with you on the power and wisdom contained in the blogs posted by Susan Biali, MD. I know Susan personally and she walks her talk in every sense of the word. Her work just keeps getting better and better.

  2. Ed Brodow says:

    For a challenging discussion of “enough,” read my new book GETTING A SUCCESS CHANGE:
    Ed Brodow

  3. reneeprimeau says:

    Thanks a lot for commenting, you two. I have loved getting into Susan’s work and could only imagine that she is very amazing in person, as well. Her articles on Psychology Today really caught my attention and I was very excited to see there was even more words of wisdom/honesty on her site and in her blog.

    Thank you for your book recommendation Ed 🙂 Looking into the description, I am very excited to read it. Consider my copy ordered.

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