A great change in a great girl; “Waking up to someone better in myself”

I had one of my final in-person appointments of the year with an amazing client today. I love working with her. She is a lot of fun, pushes herself during every session and just has this amazing positive energy about her. This was not always the case, though.

We have known each other for quite a while and I remember a very sad girl, at one time. She was not happy with herself, was not treating herself well and describes feeling lonely, states that she did not believe she had what it took to reach any set goal and that she felt totally lost.

But then something great happened to her. She describes “waking up to someone better in herself” one day and knowing it was time to treat this person the way she deserved to be treated. It was amazing and really cool to see how quickly things began to come together for her after that.

I think we can all limit ourselves by getting caught up in negative beliefs. If we have unpleasant feelings about ourselves or feel that there is lack in us somewhere; that we are not good enough, we are incapable of reaching our goals, we cannot take care of ourselves, we do not deserve better, etc. then we do deserve and really do need to allow ourselves to step back and recognize these feelings and thoughts as false. We deserve and need to realize how untrue they are.

These feelings and thoughts, as disastrous as they can be when we get caught up in them, are not a part of who we truly are. Through experience we may have grown to believe that these things are true, but they are not. For any of us.

We all have an untouched, incredible potential. All of us have this, however unrecognized it may be at times. This potential, this strength, self-love, power and so many other things, is always there regardless of our circumstances, thoughts about who we are or who we may feel we are not.

I love the lesson that this awesome person has brought to light and I hope that more of us can recognize this potential that we all have. I hope that we can all “wake up to someone better in ourselves,” as we all can and deserve to.


2 thoughts on “A great change in a great girl; “Waking up to someone better in myself”

  1. Gary Davies says:

    I love your message. For someone so young, you truly have a solid handle on what is important in life.

  2. reneeprimeau says:

    Thanks a lot, Gary. Hearing that from you means a lot to me.

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