Hi! I hope you’re having a great weekend.

Not much information in the way of training has been added lately but it is a lot of fun right now. Lately, workouts have needed to be a bit quicker on some days, but it has really been enjoyable putting a plan together that allows for this while including a lot of new things that have been learned this year for both training and nutrition.

I love experimenting with different plans and seeing/feeling the reactions to them. This time period is being used as an opportunity to learn my reactions to more “circuit-type” training. Some heavier lifting is still included but, instead of having separate days for upper and lower body, more Upper-lower body “circuits” have been put together along with some metabolic-type work.

Without having a set goal-date in mind (show, photo shoot, etc), although it really does seem like a bit of an adjustment, it feels like there is now so much more freedom to play around/experiment with different types of plans and that is great.

Weight and body fat percentage have not been checked since July (and it likely hasn’t changed much since then). Different ways of doing things work for different people and, although checking and tracking measurements can be really helpful when there is a specific goal like show or shoot in mind, most of the time I really don’t have a lot of interest in numbers when it comes to “off season” or “real life” and just sort of like to let things fall into place.

Numbers can be really helpful and interesting when trying out/learning from different things, though and they might be checked in the near future.

Lately, days have been a bit busier with moving, working and getting into the Precision Nutrition Certification Program (which is so awesome), but it is a great and exciting time. Learning to organize time better and learning to save more energy has helped a lot here.

I am so excited to begin moving to my new place on Sept 26th! It`s been a busy time of packing, organizing, giving away and tossing things like crazy. I was thinking it would be such a quick job to move; pack a few boxes, do an exit clean and that’s it. Holy understatement; there is a lot of stuff to go through! It is on the way to getting done though and I am very excited for the move.

A lot of people have incredibly busy lives with family, work, etc. and things can always come up that could hamper goals/healthy lifestyle choices, if we let them but we don`t have to let that happen. Busier times do not mean that body composition, health and fitness/performance goals have to be forgotten. There are a lot of ways to keep up with personal goals (whether in the gym, for work or something else) and if we really want to reach a goal, or maintain what we have reached, we can. It may just take some prioritizing and organizing time.

Recognizing “time sucking” things can really help. There are so many time-wasters that we sometimes aren’t even aware of! The big ones; TV, time-wasted surfing the internet, time spent on facebook or other web-sites of choice (so guilty of this one!), spending longer than necessary on the phone, e-mail etc. and just all around not being all that productive when we really should/could be.

A great book that offers many helpful tips for managing time/increasing productivity is the Power of Less by Leo Babauta.

Well, it is time for some packing! Have a great night!


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