Fun Stuff!

I hope you’re having a good morning!

Congrats to Midori Rutledge for her second shoot with Oxygen Magazine! This week she shot with awesome fitness models Francisca Dennis and Carol Lama at Paul Buceta’s studio. She had a blast and pictures from that and her first Oxygen shoot will be posted in the near future!

Midori with Carol Lama, Francisca Dennis and (part of) Paul Buceta.

Rita Catolino finally has had some time to take a breather after a full season of shoots, shows and lots of other exciting things. She has done amazing and will have more to come in the future. More shots from her recent shoots will be posted in the near future, also! Check out her new site:

Fitness Model Stefanie Richard, The incredibly talented MUA Valeria Nova and Rita Catolino at Rita's most recent shoot.

Recently, I’ve been very grateful and excited to have taken part in a Trigenics Functional Neurology Shoulder Clinic in London, Ontario with some great Chiropractors from the area. Talk about a room full of brilliant minds! I loved listening in on the discussions and had the pleasure of being able to brain-pick a little during the break. The clinic was full of a lot of really helpful info and demonstrations. Dr. Michael Egan did a really great job.

This week, Dr. Egan stopped by the Fitness Forum to demonstrate some of the Trigenics procedures and to show how it can help with strength increases during resistance training. We used standing dumbbell biceps curls first, seated dumbbell shoulder press and then strict form wide grip lat pull-downs. I really wish I had video footage to show the difference between sets. It was really cool to experience.

The first set of biceps curls was performed to failure (6 reps). Dr. Egan then performed a Trigenics procedure on the right side only. The feeling during the procedure was a very cool/strange feeling and one that is a bit difficult to explain. The second set was then performed. During the second set, my right side did not tire as quickly as the left (my left side also happens to be my dominant side) and there was definitely more power behind each rep. The same results seemed to happen during the shoulder press.

The lat pulldown was where results were most noticeable. A weight was chosen where I would be able to perform 8 reps (strict as possible form). The set was completed and a more thorough trigenics procedure was performed between each set. My rep count actually increased with each set (breaks were kept to 60 seconds and strict-as-possible form was maintained). This was very awesome.

Visit the Trigenics site for more info on the benefits, how to find a practitioner and classes available.

I have recently registered for the Precision Nutrition Certification Program and can’t wait to receive the materials and get started. I’ve thought about it for a while now and was pretty excited when the program opened up recently. There is no doubt this will be very beneficial when working with clients and I am very excited to learn from it.

This weekend is a Big Spartan Nutrition Sale at both the Richmond/Oxford and Wellington/Southdale locations. Everything in both stores will be on sale. On Saturday between 2 and 5 I’ll be at the Wellington location sampling out PVL goodness! Stop by and say hi!


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