The Gifts You Deserve

There are so many gifts we can offer ourselves. When we do this, we feel amazing, we become our best, we become our true selves.

Sit Quietly. Our greatest, clearest understandings and appreciation can come this way.

Laugh, Play and Mean it. Have the biggest of the biggest giggle-fests and just let yourself do it. Pillow fights, water guns, snowball fights, tickle wars, laughing so hard you can’t breathe. Play and do what feels good to you. We are as young or as old as we choose to be and every one of us has a large part that misses playing. However hidden, that playful child in us is waiting and never goes away.

Listen Without Expectations. The most amazing conversations and meaningful experiences unfold this way.

Love and Respect Your Body and Mind. As they are. Everything we choose for ourselves becomes out of love that way and our decisions become more powerful. We then see incredible, healthy transformations that are lasting, right and true for us.

Appreciate beauty. We miss a lot of it and it is everywhere. We can stop and smell the roses.

Allow yourself to feel. Things will not always be perfect. We can feel anger, sadness, disappointment, whatever we need to feel so we can move forward. We need those not so great feelings and experiences to grow from just as much as the joyful ones.

Believe in your amazing potential. What are you telling yourself? What are your thoughts saying? Be aware of repeating negative thoughts. We can be our own worst critics or our greatest supporters. Be aware of the words you are telling yourself and know that you deserve to be gentle and supportive in your thoughts and feelings. Allow yourself to let go of the thinking and feelings about yourself that may not be serving you very well.

Let yourself be you. You are you for a reason. All of your perceived imperfections or mistaken flaws are qualities that make you the great person you are. Let yourself see and realize that.


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