Welcoming Meaghan Terzis Back to the Stage and Just After Baby #2!

Meaghan Terzis and I began working together around 3-years ago. She is the first person I ever coached for a show and we have had a lot of fun while learning a lot from working together.

Meaghan has done so well! In her first show, she placed top 5 out of over 30 girls with Fitness Star (this was also just under a year after giving birth to her first child!). She placed 2nd, that year again, qualifying her for the Elite Division.

Meaghan also competed on the OPA stage at the Festival City Championships, placing 1st in Bikini Tall and was the Overall Bikini Winner. That same year, she competed at the OPA Provincials, qualified for Nationals by placing in the top 5 and again placed Top 5 at the CBBF Nationals.

Meaghan took time off to put more focus into some very important things; family goals and giving birth to her 2nd child. Baby Jack Terzis was born on May 13, 2011.

In the post yesterday, the news-to-come regarding the November 26th show was that Meaghan will be back on stage in the Bikini Tall category! AND at just over 6-months after giving birth.

She already looks phenomenal and there is no doubt she will be great as ever for the show.

Welcome back to a very inspirational woman!


One thought on “Welcoming Meaghan Terzis Back to the Stage and Just After Baby #2!

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