A Post By Rita Catolino: Beauty and Fitness Inspiration

The last few months have been a whirlwind, and aside from the few one-liner posts on FB and Twitter, I haven’t actually sat down to write about my recent projects.

My journey started a while back with major weight loss and body transformation. Here are a couple of links if you want to read about that:

Londoner Article

Marc Megna Link

I like to read the articles from time to time to remind myself of where my drive and motivation stems from. Reminding ourselves of our struggles and obstacles makes us strong, humble and driven. Which brings me to present day.

I shot with Oxygen for the first time in April of this year. It still feels weird writing this. Oxygen!? The magazine I bought and ogled over for sooo many years? I am honoured and over the moon to be part of such a fabulous publication.

I was more excited than nervous as I drove the 200km from home, singing at the top of my lungs (those who know me know of my silliness) at 6am to Paul Buceta’s studio. What were they going to think of me? Am I fit enough? Am I going to freeze in front of the camera? Are they nice people? Ah!! Well as it turns out, nice is an understatement.

As soon as I arrived; the Oxygen team, Paul, Valeria (make-up artist), Lori Fabrizio and team made me feel welcome and I felt like I belonged. The day was surreal. Makeup, clothing changes, skipping, squatting, pressing….SMILING!! I loved it~ I definitely felt (and feel) at home in front of the lens and my prior acting/music background helped out without a doubt!

Since April, I have been blessed to shoot with Oxygen again (stay tuned!), which included an amazing pool day shoot which helped on the hottest day of the year!

From April to now, I have competed twice, winning Overall Bikini at The Stephanie Worsfold Classic in May. Stephanie and team put on a great show at a classy venue. What a great day! I also competed at the Toronto Supershow placing 3rd in Bikini Tall.

A lot more has happened along the way, more shoots, lots of fun and definitely a lot of sacrifice and time- juggling.

I will be posting more details about my MuscleMag shoot, the Overxxxoposed show and commercial shoot etc. but I don’t want to bore you all in one post 😉

Life is busy, busier then ever. Those of you in the industry who also juggle family, children, full-time career and more, know what I am speaking of. Some days I just want to lay in bed all day and disconnect…but it is precisely those days in which I push a little harder….whether at the gym, reading an extra book to my daughter, or taking on an extra client. Life is busy…but I LOVE it! And it is about to get busier!!!

I will be competing with Paul Dillet’s WBFF next month on August 27th. I am thrilled to be back up on their stage with such a high calibre of athletes. Stay tuned for more updates regarding my WBFF journey.

Most importantly, this new path has brought so many great people into my life. I have met some amazing, inspirational and talented people along the way. Thank you to each of you for making each shoot, show and moment extra special!

Thank you Renee Primeau for your expertise and for helping me dial in for each shoot/show. I have never been as balanced as I am now. Thank you.

Also thank you to Hollywood Tan. Dina and her team always give me the perfect colour for my shows/shoots! xo


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