“Off” Seeming Catch Phrases in recent psychology magazine issue

Firstly, this is not meant to be a dramatic rant and it is not meant to be an attack on any publication. I think the magazine containing these “catch phrases” publishes awesome, informative articles and offers resources that are super interesting and are probably very helpful to many people.

However, I did see something wrong with an article containing some not very fair (or helpful) seeming statements. There were also a few points made that seemed to be large and needlessly dramatic over-exaggerations.

I also know that lately I have definitely become quite “consumed” in this topic of Highly Sensitive People and of people with other traits of interest. Truthfully, I have been researching, writing and reflecting like crazy on all this new-to-me information. I think this is just a necessary and really important part of this recent learning/understanding phase (I think the reaction to this article is, as well).

It would be really awesome and much appreciated if you could bear with me over the next little while as I continue to learn 🙂

While in Chapters over the weekend (pretty much my favourite place ever:)),  it was very exciting to see an article on Highly Sensitive People featured in the August issue of a well-known Psychology magazine.

But, as I was beginning to get into the issue, I was really caught off-guard by some narrow-minded seeming phrases. The research and information provided throughout the article was so interesting, really informative and helpful, but the dramatic phrases used to attract attention were, in my opinion, quite insulting and seemed to be geared to further add to this weird seeming stigma surrounding being sensitive. There is no doubt these writers/editors are incredibly talented and brilliant people but these “catch-phrases” seemed narrow-minded and rude.

One example of the many that could be pulled from the article: “…Meet the Highly sensitive Person. You’ve probably already made him cry.” This was the phrase meant to attract attention to the article as found in the table of contents. It may have been effective in drawing attention but, I’ll bet, another way with more facts and less insult could have probably worked just as well.

Also, whether it was intended or not, I think choosing to use “him” in this phrasing could further hit home the more-common-than-not viewpoint that it is wrong or “weird” for males to be sensitive. Sensitive males may have a more difficult time than females when dealing with their sensitivity (especially emotionally) since there seems to be more acceptance of sensitivity in females.

The common view seems to be that Men should be “tough” and, often-times, may be told to “buck-up” or “toughen-up” if a deeper sensitivity than what is commonly shown or expected happens to be revealed.

If you do perceive something as meant to make you feel that you are “wrong” or strange for being your true self in any way (a comment made in response to a natural reaction, an opinion, an article or anything else), I hope you’ll know this is incorrect. I hope you’ll begin to know that you are uniquely great instead of wrong and that you are exactly as you are supposed to be instead of strange.

Whether you are a Man or a Woman, whatever your temperament, preferences, traits or “gift(s)” may be, you should and are meant to be the way you are, exactly as you are.

Anyone who tells you differently, whether it be a well-known publication, person or any other source, is wrong. Plain and simple.

Do not let anyone or anything define who you should or shouldn’t be.


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