This is such a great quote by Anais Nin “How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.”

This could be interpreted in many ways and it can ring true, not just in a relationship with a man and a woman, but in any relationship.

We can’t receive the things we cannot give to ourselves; love, acceptance, meaning, trust or anything else we may feel we’re lacking.

We are fully capable of giving these things to ourselves by ourselves and in order to really receive these things from another or to be able to share any type of meaningful and true relationship, we have to really know this.

Until we recognize that, even if another person does try to satisfy our needs or attempt to give us “everything we want” in any way, they could try and try and it would never feel like enough (or at least not for very long).

We would never feel satisfied.

People become hurt in relationships like this and, although it may sometimes be confused with it, this is not true love.

Real satisfaction and true love come when we recognize what we want for ourselves or what we feel we’re lacking; whether it be love, acceptance, meaning, truth, trust or all of the above and giving these things to ourselves first.

Only then can we really receive these things from another, or share a genuine and meaningful partnership, friendship or any sort of relationship and it’s unfair, unrealistic, exhausting and just plain painful to expect otherwise.


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