Rita Catolino is On Fire!

Congratulations to amazing client, Rita Catolino for being featured in Oxygen’s July 2011 issue! Look for more of Rita in upcoming issues of Oxygen as well as some other sweet surprise features in the near future!

MUA: Lori Fabrizio, Photographer: Paul Buceta

Rita is on fire this year! She has been featured in 4 Fitness Magazines (Status Fitness, Inside Fitness, Natural Muscle and Oxygen Magazine).

Her recent and really cool shoots with Eva Simon for Natural Muscle Magazine and Paul Buceta for Sessions Magazine and Oxygen have also led the way to even more awesome things!

MUA: Lori Fabrizio, Photographer: Paul Buceta

We are now into the final bit of Rita’s prep for the OPA Provincials at the Toronto Pro Supershow (less than 2 weeks to go!) and she is doing great as ever. Keep an eye out for Rita in the Bikini Class on June 18th at the Supershow and in the near future for more shared photo shoots, features and other excellent things!

MUA: Lori Fabrizio, Photographer: Paul Buceta

Goooooo Rita!


3 thoughts on “Rita Catolino is On Fire!

  1. Rita Catolino says:

    Thank you Renee for posting this. Thank you for your constant support and expertise. Thank you for being so much more than a coach. Thank you for answering my phone calls at 6am and 9pm…..for my stupid questions and for my last minute shoot preperation. Without you, there would be a lot of second guessing…thank you for being my critical eye. Thank you Renee….I can’t thank you enough!

  2. reneeprimeau says:

    Thank you for being so amazing Rita. And you don’t have to thank me for anything. I love going through these great things with you, seeing your determination, transformation and all of the awesome opportunities opening up. That’s more than enough for me 🙂
    9 days pretty lady! You are going to be incredible as ever up there.

  3. […] More about Rita`s most recent awesomeness can be seen in this blog entry here: Rita Catolino is on fire! […]

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