It’s okay to let people help. To let someone take the lead with things we are uncertain of. It doesn’t mean we become powerless, we can still have a say, ask questions and follow our intuition.

Our desire to understand things and our intuition (or perhaps even being defensive) can serve to not only keep us safe, but to allow us to question so we can learn and grow.

But if we don’t allow help, if we are always on guard, we can stunt our growth. We can become stuck where we are. With hopes of moving forward, we can stop ourselves from being able to do that.

There are so many great people, resources and situations there to help if we let that happen. We can really shut that out with our own fear or defenses that may not be necessary anymore, or at least not all the time.

Yes, It can take a lot strength to let people in and to drop fears, even for a little while. And it can take a lot of honesty to admit when we are scared, unsure and know we are doing things to stop our own growth process.

It can also take a lot of patience, energy and understanding for another person to see and accept these things well enough to help.

Maybe it’s time to let go of some of the layers or defenses we’ve built up or some of the beliefs we’ve held onto that may not be serving us very well anymore.

There are great people with great intentions who want to help. There are great lessons and opportunities waiting. We can experience these things and we really deserve to.

When we see that, we can really move forward. We can then allow ourselves to have all we’ve hoped for and to become all that we’re truly capable of being.


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