4 Weeks Until The Girls Hit the OPA Provincial Stage and Congratulations Meaghan!

Holy crap, it’s hard to believe in 3 weeks Sherie will be stepping on stage and in 4 weeks we’ll all be packing up our gigantic show-day suit cases and heading off for the 2011 OPA Provincials at the Toronto Pro Supershow

Miss Sherie Miron. Fashion Designer: Roya Poorasan, Photographer: Emma Bergeron

It’s so amazing to see these great girls do so well. They are so much fun,  down-to-earth and just all around awesome.

It’s been such a great year and with many more great things to come.

4 Weeks Ladies and 3 Weeks to Sherie Miron who will be Competing in the OPA Sudbury 2011 Show!!!! Check out Sherie’s new Blog Format here.

A big giant congratulations to Meaghan, Bill and Evi Terzis on the arrival of their new family member, a healthy baby boy. Jack Terzis was born on Friday May 13th at 8PM, weighing 6lbs 5 oz.

Beautiful Meaghan Terzis at 8 months pregnant.


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