Happy Easter!

I hope you and your loved ones had a great Easter!

Sunday I hung out at my Parent’s place which was so awesome. We had a triple-celebration with Easter, my Uncle Rob’s birthday and my Brother Chris and his Fiance Crystal’s wedding shower. They are a group of amazing people and a lot of fun to be around.

Hanging around them always feels like “re-charge” time during preps and it never fails at any time to leave our gatherings feeling completely refreshed and energized from all the laughter and fun we have together.

Now, it’s back into prep mode and the progress so far feels so exciting! It may just be the way I’m seeing things right now (and this can change pretty frequently!), but it feels like everything is changing at a really fast rate and it’s so cool to see everything react to my Coach, Carter Schoffer of Body Transformation’s ways of doing things.

The day after the re-feed day was the coolest to experience. (Re-feed days are where I eat gluten and dairy-free whole food options until I feel satisfied.) Muscle appeared to be extremely full during training on the re-feed and the next day and I don’t remember being that vascular ever before. The energy differences were amazing! I felt like I could train forever and thoughts were much more clear. I’ve experienced changes from feeling more “depleted” and then after having a greater increase in carb intake but the choices for these higher carb meals from other preps weren’t always from the cleanest options and I also haven’t paid this much attention before. A very neat experience.

I can’t wait to see how things begin to come together even more as we move closer to the show and it’s so hard to believe how close things are coming!! The suit has been ordered from Maggie Keaveny of Maggie Suits and it will be so cool to see how the ideas we’ve pieced together will turn out! She is still working on it but her new site is up and running where you can see the great suits she’s designed and keep updated on events she’ll be taking part in: Check out Maggie Suits.com

Stephanie’s Show, the Stephanie Worsfold Classic Natural Ontario Qualifier, is under 2 weeks away now! More information on Stephanie’s show is available by checking the event invite HERE.

This will be a great show and the talk of people going to watch, competitors already registered and the vendors/sponsors that will be present is just so awesome. There will also be a ton of IFBB Pro’s present and many speaking at the Seminar With the Pros.
To register visit Steph’s site!

A lot of really cool things are in the works and I get the feeling there are a lot more great things on the way 🙂

Have the best day today!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. gchutrau says:

    Happy Easter to you too!

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