With an Open Mind

There are always going to be great and not so great sides to everything and we can focus on whichever side we choose to.

If we find ourselves focusing on those things that are perhaps not so great or we find ourselves feeling differently about what we’re doing or where we are, maybe all it takes is remembering why we started to begin with. Have we really grown in a different direction or are we forgetting the things we love? Are we forgetting why we’re wherever we’ve chosen to be?

Doubts really could mean our circumstances aren’t right for us anymore and they might not.

Maybe we aren’t doing the wrong thing, aren’t “out of love” or are not headed in the wrong direction after all. Maybe if we stop and really listen to ourselves with an open mind, without jumping to conclusions or pushing the doubts away, we can give ourselves the chance to find our footing again, to remember how meaningful the choices we’ve made are to us, to reconsider what we really want and really want to continue or discontinue focusing on.

Then we can give ourselves the chance to launch forward with these things, new or old, that really matter us. We can continue excelling in our new or familiar chosen direction. We can set something free or we can re-kindle a flame that perhaps never really went out in the first place.

When we really listen to ourselves, we free ourselves and perhaps even others involved to choose what’s true and really feels right. We become free to continue loving, learning and excelling in our own real and meaningful direction, whether that be a new path or familiar circumstances that can now be made that much stronger.


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