Onto the next one! Prep Training Block #2 From Carter Schoffer of Body Transformation

It is 15 weeks out from the OPA Provincials and I have received the 2nd training block from Carter. It looks awesome!

There are some similarities to the first block (some of the movements, similar split, etc) and it looks like this first transition will be a nice smooth one. There are also some new movements to study and dig into from the videos/info provided. Can’t wait!

I have to admit, I saw back squats built into the end of Day 1 and it sort of made me wish I could send a virtual stink-eye Carter’s way for a second (I have an odd fear of/ discomfort with bar on back or front movements). But….I do want to be challenged and pushed to get comfortable with new and/or currently “uncomfortable” movements, so although it caused a bit of a “Pardon me??” reaction at first, I’m really getting what I was hoping for. And with the way the rep scheme has been set up; it looks like this will be a perfect, smooth and slow intro, anyway.

From the first block’s suggestions/guidance I am now a lot more comfortable in the squat rack with Bulgarian Split Squats, as well as many other movements, and don’t see any reason why the same can’t happen for Barbell Back Squats. So I have decided to replace the initial stink eye with a thank you and I’m excited!

I am loving all of the things I’m being encouraged/taught to do 🙂

My body fat percentage has not changed (this was not a goal for this phase), but measurements look really favourable for what we were aiming to achieve (lean mass gains in the form of shaping for upper and lower body). We’re going to continue on with this goal into this second block and Carter explained that a more “metabolic” (fat loss) phase won’t be necessary until the next block (four weeks from now).

Right now I am only doing 2 cardio sessions per week (or Energy Expenditure Work, as Carter calls it). This is a big change for me from the 6-7/week I was doing starting at the 16 week out point for previous preps.

I am loving this 🙂

Updated numbers to come soon!



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