Fantastic Things:)

So many great things are in the works with many more on the way and, I have to admit, it is a LOT and feels a bit like excitement/change overload, at times lol. But it is an amazing time and I have such great feelings about things to come.

Some things to share; Wonderful client Rita Catolino has been voted in the Top 100 for both Status Fitness Magazine and Inside Fitness Magazine! She has also been featured in this month’s issue Natural Muscle Magazine. Which you can see by clicking HERE.

Rita, I am so incredibly proud and excited for you. There is no doubt that there is a ton of fantastic things on the way for this Beautiful Woman.

Photo by Eva Simon as featured in Natural Muscle Magazine

Meeting with April Haynes, this past weekend for her 6 week out check-in from the UFE Spring Bash went so well. It has not been a breeze for her. She is a Single Mom, she runs and owns her own Personal Training business; FAB Fitness and has a busy clientele. Now, she has a show prep on top of that, which can very well seem like a job on it’s own! Not to mention, this is her first show! She is doing so extremely well and if she wasn’t so modest, she would see it, too 🙂 April you are fantastic!

Angela Rivard, Marie Ivan and Rita Catolino have some wonderful plans in the works that will, no doubt, serve to inspire and help a lot of people. That will be updated in the near future.

Two more preps have begun or will begin quite shortly. Welcome aboard to Marie and Sherie!

This will be one great season 🙂

It’s a pleasure and a gift to be working with such a great group of girls, I am seeing this more and more all the time and I hope they realize just how great they really are.

This week is the end  of the first training block with Carter Schoffer and I am very excited to see what else he has in store! So far, this experience has been more than great in a lot of ways and exceeds my expectations when it comes to support, feedback, training, nutrition and the detailed explanations and layout of the plan. If this is just the first block, I have a lot to look forward to. He is truly a joy to have as a coach.


I hope to share another blog entry very soon, with some exciting updates.

This is a year for great changes and I couldn’t be more optimistic and excited about it 🙂

Have a great night!


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